Capturing Pulau Ubin's Chinese Opera
Pulau Ubin, Singapore, 2024
At night on Pulau Ubin, a Singaporean island accessible only by boat, a unique tradition unfolds: a colourful and divine Chinese opera is performed with no audience except for the deities. 

After the bike-riding day trippers have left the island and all the bikes are stacked up high for the night, a small group of actors, musicians and other volunteers transform the atmosphere. Behind-the-scenes, amidst the bustle of preparation, the magic of Chinese opera comes to life. Colourful costumes and elaborate makeup transform ordinary individuals into celestial beings and legendary heroes, each detail resonating with history and reverence. These Chinese opera performances now often play out on temple grounds solely for the deities, observed quietly by a handful of photographers and temple volunteers.

This short Day-in-the-Life photo essay captures the essence of Pulau Ubin's Chinese opera — a journey into a world where ancient tales merge with devotion in a captivating display of colours and faith.
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