Capturing the essence of a school. To use for your school's marketing, social media, prints and yearbooks. My photos are cheerful, colourful and candid. As a documentary photographer specialised in working with children, I blend in well and are able to make the students, and the teachers, feel at ease while being photographed. For my family documentary projects, called 'day in the life', please have a look here.
As each school is unique I will provide a tailor-made approach for each school. This will start with a pre-visit or video call to discuss you school's needs. We will set up a shooting schedule accordingly and discuss topics like parental consent. Depending on the scope of the project I will join your school for half a day up to a couple of days. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information
Colourful and Bubbly
I had the pleasure of capturing a small, intimate and colourful pre-school. Capturing all age groups, both during classes and outdoor play. The pictures turned out just like to school, the children and the teachers are: beautifully bubbly. 
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